Whether you’re buying your 1st home or your 10th, should I get a survey? If so, what sort of survey should I get?

Buying a property is a huge step and you’re spending a lot of money so it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A survey can help you to understand exactly what you are buying and any money that may need to be spent on it, either now or in the future.

We are included in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2018 which only lists the top 20% of agents in the UK. Within this, we have independently evaluated and rated as 'Exceptional', which puts us in the top 5%! Only 87 branches in the whole of the UK were rated 'Exceptional' for both sales and lettings, and our Winlaton branch is one of them! We're sure our recently acquired Dunston branch will be in the same category next year. Click the image above to watch the video.



Condensation is a very common problem for a lot of homes across the UK and yet is fairly simple to resolve. When moisture in the air meets a colder surface, like a wall or window, water is released onto the colder surface, creating tiny droplets of water to appear, which is more commonly referred to as condensation. It is commonly confused for damp so it’s important to know the difference as they need to be treated differently.

We are so excited to be expanding our Living Local family and our new Dunston Branch opened in January 2018. We have taken over First Let NE who had been trading as a succesfull letting agent for a number of years and we have added sales, auction, mortgage and conveyancing sevices to their already highly regarded letting buisness. 

Having doubled our work force we are striving to bring our customers an even bigger and better experience with us. Our friendly team are on hand to help you in all aspects of moving home and giving you a 5* outstanding service. 

Here at Living Local, we believe we offer absolutely fantastic customer service! But don't just listen to what we have to say, take a look at our client testimonial video where you will hear from customers and trusted partners about how good our service really is!

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