The government have announced a new law which means that all landlords of residential properties must have an electrical safety inspection carried out every 5 years. 


Landlords and agents will need to ensure electrical installations are inspected and tested for all new tenancies in England from 1 July 2020 or from 1 April 2021 for existing tenancies.


It will be similar to a CP12 gas safety check that you currently have done each year for the boiler and any gas appliances, however the electrical check is done every 5 years by a qualified person. The regulations also state that a landlord is required to obtain a report of the results of the inspection and supply it to each tenant within 28 days and retain a copy until the next inspection takes place.


Breaches of the regulations could result in financial penalties of up to £30,000.


Portable appliances such as kettles and toasters are to be included so PAT testing isn’t mandatory but is good practice to have done.


If you have a current and validated certificate already, this will still be valid which means you do not need to obtain a new one.



We suggest you think about booking in the testing sooner rather than later as we anticipate a large rush close to the deadline and expect electrician’s fees to go up as they become busier with the additional work. If you would like us to help you with arranging a

check please do not hesitate to contact us.